Dear customers,
Recently, I was invited to a product development meeting of Epon in Niigata Japan. During my stay the weather is snowing but I have received a very warmth reception from all the Epon Staffs as well as the management team.
Since I returned to Hong Kong from my Niigata meeting, the word ‘respect’ keep coming back to my mind.   I felt a business relationship is not ‘just business’. Friendship and respect must be taken seriously as well.  I would say the reception I have received on Feb. 26th was a day that I can never forget.
For the business part of my trip, I have a good meeting with the Epon management as well as the products development team. Everything was open for discussion. For some manufacturers, product development meeting is off limit to customer company of Century State’s size and consequently we have very little involvement in the eventual product lines.  
However, this time, at Epon, I was able to pitch my ideas for the Greater China market regarding the direction of product development. I truly think this will be a born-again marketing development opportunity for Epon and Century State and all our customers in Greater China.
Selwyn W. K. Wai
Century State Ltd 
            新潟县的会议结束后,在我回香港期间,"尊重"这个词不断在我的脑海里浮现。我觉得生意上的关系并不是"只是生意", 友谊和尊重也是必要条件。他们的热情接待令我觉得可以说永远都不会忘记2月26日这一天。
            在这一个个会议期间, 我必须说这是一个与日本EPON产开发部门以及管理层一次很好的会面. 所有讨论都是公开的。对于大部分企业的产品开发过程,很少有像我们建都有限公司这样规模的客户能够参与. 这一次,我们能为EPON大中华地区的产品方向提供意见, 我认为这将是EPON和建都有限公以及为我们在中华地区的所有零售商和批发商提供一个重要营销发展机遇。
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