EPON产品开发会议 - 2017

Dear customers,
This past Jan., I was once again honoured to be invited to EPON’s product's development meeting.  Although I was greeted with the familiar friendly faces and usual warm welcome that I have known so well over the years, I was pleasantly surprised by the difference in direction that this year’s meeting has taken.

Earlier this year, Managing Director Morita San of EPON informed me that the company will invest more resources into the R&D department, and from this year's meeting, I can already see that new members being added to our already talented team.

Furthermore I feel that the R&D team have taken our Greater China input from our discussion the previous year into consideration and it is reflected in our 2017 and 2018 product lineup. 
As for our 2017 new model AF-705 which will launch in mid of May. Upon our requested, EPON have specially invented an iron fitting system to provide better services to our dealers as well as consumer. I feel very confident that the new direction and the difference that were made will make us very competitive within the market in the coming years, especially in the wood series.

I am delighted to see the addition of "Dead OR Alive“ joining our EPON family.  With DOA’s focus in the shaft and golf head business and targeting a younger generation of golfers, EPON should reach a wider audience and exposure than ever before, hence increase our competitiveness in the ever-changing marketplace.

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Mr. Endo San for a warm reception during my stay in Niigata. Lastly, I’d like to thank all the dealers and EPON fans for their continuous support through the years. Let’s keep up the good work and continue to work towards making EPON the leader in global golf business.
Selwyn W. K. Wai
Century State Ltd 

      我很高兴看到「Dead OR Alive」加入我们的EPON家族,由于DOA系列专攻年轻球手的杆头和杆身,所以EPON应该比以往任何时候都要有更多的曝光机会和更为人熟悉,从而增加我们在不断变化的市场上的竞争力。