It is our honour to announce that Century State LTD and Century State Shenzhen Ltd. will be representing  Onoff as the sole distributor in the China area starting 2020.  Onoff is a golf lifestyle brand that offers a range of quality products for both on and off course, hence the name “OnOff”.  
Onoff is an international branding who is famous in Japan, Korea, USA and Europe. For more info and history about the brand, please go to:
We would like to express our deep gratitude to Globeride INC Japan for entrusting us with their brand.  We at Century State believe that Onoff occupies a unique place in the golf market that cannot be easily copied nor replicated.  We hope you are as excited as we are for the range of quality products coming from OnOff from 2020 and beyond.
公司很荣幸向各顾客宣布 - 建都贸易(深圳)有限公司于2020年开始引入了高国际知名度的高尔夫品牌「ONOFF」,并成为中国独家代理商。 「ONOFF」在日本,韩国,欧洲甚至在美国都极具名气。而「ONOFF」的名字来源正正因为在高尔夫球和至悠闲生活方面都提供一系列优质产品,所以名为「ONOFF」。
在此衷心感谢Globeride INC Japan将其品牌托付给我们,我们相信ONOFF能在高尔夫市场占有独特的地位而且无法被轻易取缔。希望你们和我们一样对ONOFF的2020年新产品感到期待。